The No Crunch Core Training Method

Babies should be our blueprint to core training… Say what? Those cuddly, cute little poo all the time machines are born without the ability to walk…something unique to us biped creatures. Our bodies were made to move more efficiently upright, and it takes strength in our very core to maintain this upright posture and to […]

The meat on your bones

Let’s get this out of the way….women I am talking to you…unless you’re shooting up some serious steroids and following that up with monster lifts, you are not going to look like a man. It takes more than lifting pink dumbbells that are lighter than a milk carton. Getting big requires serious work, serious dedication, […]

Fitness works best in the “Grey”

You know how you made a resolution at the beginning of this year to workout and eat healthy? Then you quit bread, rice, cakes and air…no, not air, because you need that, and went to the gym six times a day for an hour and a half? Remember how in April you did not even […]