Wellness is a State of Mind

Well-meaning husbands, well-meaning clients, well-meaning friends and relatives always clutch to their mid section and say…I want to get rid of this, what do I do?

Well-meaning me usually pauses,

Because well-meaning crunches and sit-ups will not work.

The greatest battle when it comes to wellness is fought within. By the time you are huffing and puffing and feeling like your heart will beat right outside your chest getting some exercise done, by the time you have filled your shopping basket with all things green, orange, red and purple that sprout from the ground, most of the battle is done.

The reason why January is so full of wellmeaning newbies in the gym, and now I have learnt September is the same in the Nordic countries after a summer of indulgence, is because we believe we are capable of change and want to invest in it. And we are and we do.

But we do not.

Because we do not invest enough time in fighting the battle in our minds.



Wellness is a decision, and just like marriage (now I’ll know if my husband reads my blogs or not) requires constant work, commitment and re-commitment.

Which is why inspiration, motivation, positive self talk and surrounding yourself with like minded people and a support system is important.

As a personal trainer, my knowledge in designing exercise programs with current progressions for different needs is important, but so is my ability to motivate and encourage those I train and interact with to live better. It is why I do what I do.

Forget the well-meaning quick fixes, and work on it, just like you do everything else in your life.


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