That nagging pain….

If you exercise a lot you most likely have a weak spot that flares up once in a while. The most common is the knee, elbow or shoulder. It can be anywhere. And when it does flare up, you would usually work through the pain, because, well, you have done it before, and it works. … Continue Reading

Wellness is a State of Mind

Well-meaning husbands, well-meaning clients, well-meaning friends and relatives always clutch to their mid section and say…I want to get rid of this, what do I do? Well-meaning me usually pauses, Because well-meaning crunches and sit-ups will not work. The greatest battle when it comes to wellness is fought within. By the time you are huffing … Continue Reading

Form is King!

Or queen…but you get my point. Today I had a conversation about the core, and it went the way it usually does… “I do all the exercises, you know, leg raises and the like, and I like body building but when I am racking weights I feel weak in my stomach”. I was puzzled. Any … Continue Reading