Here is a workout you can do when you are short on time but want to get your workout in.


The Kettlebell Snatch! A major calorie burner, learn this exercise with me by clicking below!

Here is how to clean and press using a kettlebell

How to rack/the kettlebell clean

How to do a Full/American Swing

How to do a basic Kettlebell Swing

When you’re working out at home and think the options are limited…they’re not!
Here’s how to work your abs with just bands

When going for a trip or just because the good stuff is too expensive in the stores,
why not make your own energy bars?

And here is a beetroot soup I love but I don’t make often enough because…toddlers

This recipe I used a lot in Kenya since the muesli available was too much oats or had bugs in it.

Some fun I had when the kids were small