I teach a class – It’s called Intense – I love it

Yes, I teach a class, it is called intense…..I am almost ashamed to say…I love it!

You see, Personal Training was not an accident. It was not the last thing I could choose because everything else was taken, it is not the easier path (any personal trainer will tell you do not get into it if you like short cuts)….I became a Personal Trainer, and then a Health Coach because I genuinely believed and still do that the personal, knowledgeable, empathy filled touch is sometimes all you need to motivate you to the best version of yourself.

Personal – I was never a group training junkie….

But then I was given a chance to do what I want for 30 minutes on Fridays, and they called it Intense Strength, and at first I was nervous about it, but now I love it.


  1. You never know what’s coming – The predictability of group classes are both their strength and their weakness. For those who like knowing what to expect, they are a great motivation and once you find something you like, you stick with it. With intense, I get to change the class every single time, therefore, you never do know what’s coming, all I know, is that it is going to challenge you, and in 30 minutes, even your finger nails will feel worked out.
  2. It is short- One of the excuses of not working out is always time, it will take too much time. Training in intervals, intense gives you a full body workout, both cardio and strength in 30 minutes flat. If you are one of those people I have never understood who are in and out of the bathroom in 5 minutes…do the math..its a perfect class for you.
  3. You get to move your body – There is little time to play around with all sorts of equipment. Therefore, the props and weights used are simple, and you get to move your body in full range of motion…which is the best kind of exercise. I have had pumped body builders in my class telling me they did not expect such a complete workout and they had a lot of DOMS from it (that was from a yoga inspired workout) .

So, if you attend any fitness24seven gyms, try their intense classes…..you might just go back for more after the first.



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